Type in the content of your new page here.WELCOME TO THE 2016 RECYCLING PROJECT!


GOAL: Collect as much copy paper as you can in three weeks. Paper should be sorted into the following categories:
Recyclable: Any used COPY paper (any shape, size or form). Put in class green bin.
Reusable: Paper that is clean on one side - 8 1/2 x 11, no holes, not bent, never been stapled. Put in box
in front of the class green bin (clean side up).
DATES: April 4th to April 22nd (Earth Day).....three weeks make a habit!

  1. Students in the class must bring in the paper. No delivery people please.
  2. Stay positive - no trash talking (no pun intended).
  3. No unused paper allowed.
  4. It must be copy paper of a standard weight. Thicker or thinner paper, newspaper, construction paper, notebook paper etc is NOT allowed.
  5. Students in the class need to sort into reusable/recyclable. Reusable gets more CO2 credit. Once weighed, paper cannot be sorted.
  6. Results on a per student basis - larger classes have no advantage over smaller ones.
  7. No dumpster diving - once in a recycling dumpster its off limits.
  8. All buildings in the school district have paper - you may seek them out.
  9. Paper is weighed as permitted. No guarantees it will be weighed daily or even always after school.
  10. Contest runs from April 4th-22nd (Earth Day). It officially ends at 2:30 pm on the 22nd. No exceptions. Final results posted April 22nd.

Group Incentives:
100 lbs of paper: small treat
250 lbs of paper: pretzels (Pretzel Factory - we'll have a pretzel day in May for all classes who meet this challenge)
WINNING CLASS: Pizza/Breakfast (or equivalent alternative) - depends on time of day.