Objective: Investigate a way to decrease carbon dioxide emissions.

NOTE: You can work with a partner (when you submit the plan, include both names).

Due Wednesday, May 6th
(5 points)
You need the following:
1. An activity that will reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Think about alternative energy sources, efficient technologies or changing habits. What could you do to reduce carbon dioxide emissions?
2. A population that includes yourself. Who will do this activity? Population limits: smallest = school, largest = world.
3. A time frame. How long will your population do this activity? Time limits: smallest = 1 day, largest = 1 year.

UNDER DISCUSSION TAB: Place statement in the following terms:
If (population) do this (activity) for (time), then (calculated amount - TO BE DETERMINED LATER) of carbon dioxide will not make it into our atmosphere.

Example: If 75 chemistry students collect 3000 lbs. of copy paper for 3 weeks, then X lbs. of CO2 will not make it into the atmosphere.

Submitting for Credit: Post statement on the "discussion tab". Your name(s) should be in the subject. All ideas will be checked as they are submitted. If you receive a "lock" your project has been accepted.

STEP TWO: Gathering Resources and the calculation Due Monday, May 15th
What resources are necessary to determine the pounds of CO2 produced for your activity?
- need to find a population resource (check the project links)
- need to find a way to get from your activity to pounds of CO2 (this part is the toughest and individualized)
1. Create a google doc to keep all information on.
2. Copy accepted idea (from step 1 into google doc)
3. List, describe and link resources.

STEP THREE: i-movie due MONDAY, May 15th
1. Create a 30 second i-movie commercial encouraging others to do your activity.
2. Must include topic statement.
3. i-movie will be graded on meeting requirements, clarity, and persuasiveness. Along with teacher evaluations, movies will be peer evaluated.