Materials Unit and Technology - Current Events

Choose one of the following three. Go to the discussion tab and add your thoughts to the appropriate line. Students will be graded on the following:

0 points - Post had to be removed because of inappropriate language or extreme negativity.
1 point - Below Basic - students did not answer the question
2 points - Basic - students addressed only parts of the question OR were not thorough in their responses.
3 points - Proficient - students fully answered the question but did not offer any unique points of view
4 points - Advanced - students fully answered the questions AND either offered a unique point OR responded to another person's post.

Question #1: The world we live in. The microsoft ad envoking the "Devil Wears Prada" theme brings up some interesting thoughts. Where do you see yourself in 10 years(personally or professionally) and do you think communications of this type will play a role? Fully explain your response.

Question #2: Part of the HYPE project conducted by research done by Dr. Christopher Dede of Harvard, involves something called "augmented reality" - a mix between the real world and the virtual world. You saw this as students were conducting the "Alien Contact" project - aliens had crash landed near their school and students had to determine the alien's friendliness and information about the crash site. Do you personally find this method of learning appealing? Why or why not? Name one advantage and one disadvantage to this type of learning. If reviewing the video, start at 2 minutes.

Question #3: The third video discussed the illegal dumping of America's e-waste. This brings forth the true idea of the "Law of Conservation of Matter" - all atoms end up some where. If you were in charge, how would you change this situation? Assume you can only change what happens in America. As a consumer, what could you personally do? As a nation, what should be done? Name one idea for each followed by your explanation.

60 minutes video clip