Extra Credit Marking Period 3 - An Inconvenient Truth

(Picture Source: http://www.altum.com/bcig/events/special_sessions/2006/an-inconvenient-truth.jpg)
This documentary explored many causes and possible solutions relating to the production of greenhouse gases. Focus was also on the role of the United States in this problem. However, this documentary was made in 2005 - some of the information presented has changed.
For extra credit, you are to
1) Take one point from the movie, find a website that updates the information to 2009 (or at least 2008).
2) Post a paragraph summarizing the updated information along with the website link under the "discussion tab". Include your name and subject in the "subject" section. All information should come from reputable sources (i.e. avoid .com or commercial sites).
3) These posts should be completed by MIDNIGHT THURSDAY, APRIL 9th. You must have an original post by Thursday in order to have a chance to receive credit.
3) Check back to this wiki discussion NO LATER THAN FRIDAY, APRIL 10th. I will be checking them all no later than Friday morning. If you have not received full credit, you will have time to update.
4) All updates should be completed by MIDNIGHT FRIDAY. No extra credit will be awarded after Friday.